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At Avertapest, we work hard to keep your home stress free, pest free and sanitary.  Our home protection service plan includes brushing down cob webs; knocking down accessible wasp hives, perimeter treatments and inside service too.  We also let you know if we observe things needing special attention. One time or regular preventative maintenance plans are available.  Call us now for a no obligation inspection.

Service areas include Orange County, San Bernardino, Riverside County and some parts of Los Angeles County

Bio Remediation and Odor Control

Microbial treatments to prevent organic build ups and foul odors  in your drains and sink denying small flies and roaches breeding sites.

Rat Infestations

Thorough inspections for rodent entry points and applying trapping, exclusion and baiting methods

Cockroach  Control

Physical removal of german roaches from your facility reenforced with monitoring, baiting and sanitation recommendation.

Termite Inspections Orange County_CA in Buena Termite Inspections Orange County_CA in Buena Park

Considering the number of deliveries and foot traffic in businesses, the possibility of introducing pests into your facility accidentally is very high. Not all pests come from the landscape.  Many pest are "hitch hikers" through your shipments i.e. Cockroaches, Meal Moths, Small flies (gnats), Beetles, and Mice.  After a thorough inspection, we tailor a pest service ( Cockroach control, Rat Infestation control) program.   We set up mechanical traps and monitoring devices in critical places of your facility that is conducive to a pest infestation. These monitoring devices are inspected regularly.  We will be in constant communication with your staff to recommend ways to correct deficiencies we observe.  We are always happy to share our knowledge pertaining to sanitation and keep your business getting a passing score from Food Auditors and Agency Inspectors. Termite Inspections Orange County_CA in Buena Park is also available for multi dwelling and businesses including Spiders & Pest Control in Orange County_CA in Irvine






We provide fast Escrow and General inspections in Orange County, CA. Why you need a Termite inspection from us?

  • Termites infest thousands of homes every year and can go undetected for many years.
  • Damage repairs and treatments can be costly and most likely not covered by your homeowners insurance.
  • Your best defense is a regular termite inspection from our trained technicians.
  • Call us now to set an appointment.

Bed Bug Bites Treatment

Thorough inspections; finding the source; apply residual and IGR treatments

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