YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Every year thousands of homes are susceptible to a termite invasion. There are just too many inaccessible areas in your house (or concealed areas in your house that's impractical to inspect). 
It takes a trained eye to see evidence of termite activity or conditions that could lead to an infestation.   Call us to schedule a thorough inspection.

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Why a Termite inspection is necessary?

We also provide subterranean termites treatment solutions. Subterrenean termite colonies are huge.  A typical colony may have have 250,000 members.  We have provided this service at a property in Trabuco Canyon.

‚Äč‚ÄčTermite Inspections and pest contol Services in Irvine, CA, Villa Park, Orange, Costa Mesa

We also provide fast escrow inspection for realtors, lenders, investors in Laguna Niguel, .   A termite inspection report including a diagram of the property and findings of termites is provided after an inspection.

Whole house fumigation (Tenting) with Vikane gas fumigant is still the primary recommendation for termites.  Watch this great video as seen by a customer in Laguna Hills

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